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A SHINING STAR of Hospitality


Explore Hotel Leveque in Columbus Ohio
Downtown Columbus Boutique Hotel

A BOUTIQUE HOTEL in Downtown Columbus

Downtown Columbus Ohio Riverfront Hotel

"Let our radiant Beacon be like that of a Light House guiding a boat into the harbor after a long day at sea. Hotel LeVeque’s star is always shining – guiding you to a one of a kind experience...a perfect balance between grace and authenticity."

Since 1927, the historic LeVeque Tower has been a shining star lighting up the skyline of downtown Columbus, Ohio. And waiting inside is the stunning Hotel LeVeque — a destination that welcomes discerning travelers with the perfect balance of sophistication and comfort.

As they enter the lobby, guests find themselves surrounded by a stunning interior that seamlessly meshes original architectural features with contemporary design. They’re also greeted by staff members whose only goal is to ensure that every need of each guest is met.

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