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Family-Friendly Summer Activities in Columbus

Family arriving at Hotel LeVeque

The weather has hit peak vacation and if get-away fever has infected your family, why not pack the bags and make the Hotel LeVeque your homebase for some fantastic family-friendly summer activities in Columbus. 


Where to Start

Hotel LeVeque can offer your family an experience you can’t get staying anywhere else in the Capital City. And part of that experience involves what happens outside of the boutique hotel’s doors.

With its convenient location just inside downtown Columbus, the Hotel LeVeque is ideally situated so that you can easily spend your days enjoying a number of different Columbus summer activities and your nights unwinding in enchanting, historic charm. 

So, you know where you will be staying, but what will you take the family to do? The difficulty isn’t in finding something, it’s going to be deciding what can wait for the next trip.

Let’s look at the top five family-friendly summer activities in Columbus (in no specific order) that can complete your LeVeque experience.


Columbus Commons

The Columbus Commons might be the most mis-named place in the city as there is nothing common about it at all. Located a short walk from the front doors of the Hotel LeVeque, this open green space hosts an assortment of Columbus summer activities. There are open-air movie nights, concerts, mini-festivals, and athletic events. You can even take a carousel-ride and then everyone can find a new favorite food at one of the food trucks nearby.

Trip Tip: Every Friday you can experience the “Commons for Kids.” Find more details on their calendar.


The Columbus Clippers and the Columbus Crew

The sports-obsessed members of your family will be excited to learn Columbus is home to three professional sports teams — the Clippers (baseball), Crew (soccer), and Blue Jackets (hockey). The Crew and Clippers play all summer long and watching them can be a fun and exciting way to experience a whole different side of Columbus in the summer. 

In 2022 the Crew opened a state-of-the-art stadium that is as much of an experience as the game itself. The Clippers offer a full promotion schedule of fun family events including fireworks, Family Day, after-game baserunning, and the ever popular Dime-A-Dog days!

Trip Tip: Both teams are very community focused and offer a number of incentives to help families enjoy the on-field action. The LeVeque concierge may be able to help you find great seats, but connect with them before you arrive. Also there may be restrictions to what you can take into the games so make sure you check with the team before you go.


Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

In 1927 after seeing how popular zoos were in other cities, Columbus city leaders opened the Columbus Zoo. From that envy-driven start, the zoo (now with an aquarium) has become one of the most famous and recognized in the world.

There are over 10,000 land and aquatic animals for visitors to observe. You’re not just learning about animals though, as the zoo has over 70 active conservation efforts currently underway with partner organizations around the world. So a visit here is a visit that makes a global difference!

Trip Tip: Have each family member pick a “Can’t Miss” animal and then plan your trip around stops at each of those locations. When you are unwinding in your room at the LeVeque later that day, it will be fun for each person to share their favorite fact about their “Can’t Miss” animal.


Center of Science and Industry (COSI)

When we say COSI is world-class it’s not just a local brag. They were one of only eight institutions awarded the “National Medal for Museum and Library Service.” And when you visit, you’ll understand why. 

What’s fun about COSI is how different it is, even from visit-to-visit. That’s because it’s broken into multiple scientifically-themed “lands” (Ocean, Energy, Life, Gadgets, and the ever popular Progress), plus a dedicated kidspace, traveling exhibits, and pop-up hands-on science demonstrations. 

Trip Tip: Most of the center offers a hands-on approach to science and there are times when that means you could get wet so make sure everyone is dressed appropriately! To be properly prepared, the LeVeque’s onsite restaurant—The Keep—offers an amazing breakfast menu to help you fuel up for your day of exploration.


Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Are you looking for an afternoon of nature and relaxation? Do the kids like to get their hands dirty digging in the soil? Have you always thought a cooking class could be fun? If your answer to any of these is “Yes” (or even better if your answer is “Yes” to all of them) then this may be a great addition to your getaway experience.

The conservatory covers over 10 acres (indoors and outdoors) of natural beauty. There are unique botanical biomes, gardens of every variety, an apiary, rose pavilion, and numerous special seasonal exhibitions to fall in love with.

Trip Tip: Some of the opportunities require advanced registration so early planning will generate the best results.


Located in the center of Columbus, the iconic Hotel LeVeque is the perfect place to kick-off all of your family-friendly summer activities in Columbus. When you are ready to give your family a summer experience unlike any other, book a stay at the award-winning Hotel LeVeque.