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5 Benefits of In-Person Team Meetings

Are the most valuable company meetings not actually meetings?

No matter where you work, the importance of getting employees together in a room never left. With the explosion of remote work and virtual collaboration tools, many people assumed that all meetings would go from on-site to online. While many have, there is no substitute for in-person team meetings.

Getting a team under one roof can not only lead to a more productive meeting, but can bring a team together in new and sometimes unexpected ways. Let’s look at 5 benefits to getting your team together to meet in-person.

Being Distraction Free

When you’re in a virtual meeting it is fun to see a coworkers furry (or feathered) family members and it’s part of worklife anymore to have kids interrupt a call or for the backup beep of the Amazon delivery truck to filter in. But anyone who’s taken part in a virtual meeting knows how quickly interruptions can take it in wildly unprepared for directions. 

According to Zippia 67% of workers reported being distracted during virtual meetings. The results? Meetings that drag on, missed assignments, less accuracy in key tasks, and lower productivity levels.

There is a solution though: bring the team together. An in-person team meeting can eliminate distractions and help everyone focus on a common agenda.

Increase Meeting Productivity

It’s not just a feeling that you’re more productive during an in-person meeting, it’s a fact backed by research. Studies show that in-person meeting participants tend to be more physically and mentally engaged when they are in a business meeting venue with their peers.

You could bring everyone together by booking time at a business meeting venue, like those available at the Hotel LeVeque. This simple change in atmosphere can help people to “let their guard down” which can enable them to be more open to new ideas. 

Maintaining an Equal Level of Discussion

No matter how digitally adept you are, when it comes to body-language, gauging attentiveness, and maintaining enthusiasm during a large video call it’s not easy.

But when you’re in a physical space with your team it’s easier to see how they are reacting to what’s being said in the meeting and make adjustments as you go. For example, if you’re sensing confusion or hearing murmurings of misinterpretation you can pivot the discussion to clarify key points. That way, when everyone walks out they leave with a unified understanding of the message and needed next steps.

It’s also easier for the facilitator of the meeting to keep everyone engaged when your team gets together in a business meeting venue. It’s very easy for some people to dominate time on a virtual call while others remain on mute and still others who want to participate are stymied by technology issues. An in-person space can be the great equalizer.

Strengthening Team Relationships

Employers always like to talk about building a team, but how strong is the connection? Co-workers don’t have to become best friends but they do need to establish relationships built on trust and respect for the team to grow and be successful. On a Zoom call it’s difficult to build relationships like that but in-person team meetings can do just that.

Particularly when the day involves team bonding exercises. When you’re doing non-traditional things with work team members you get an opportunity to see a different side of your co-workers. This can create a new understanding which can open up new ways to relate to, and work with each other.

One of the big benefits of using the dedicated meeting rooms at the Hotel LeVeque is their centralized location in Columbus. The LeVeque is a short walk (or quick car ride) away from any number of exciting events that can bring a team together, from a simple dinner at an award winning restaurant or out of the way joint, a trip down Columbus’ Ale Trail, or a more complex team building exercise (like an escape room or city-wide scavenger hunt).

The “Not-Meeting” Meeting

Sometimes for a company meeting, not-meeting is just as important as going over past trends or future plans. Team building, workplace bonding, group development — whatever you call it, this is an important component that should happen when employees get together at a business meeting venue.

Not only do those activities help team members build relationships amongst themselves, they provide you with an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the employee and their organization’s culture.

According to a survey by Gomada: 

  • 37% of workers remain with a company because they are working with a good team.
  • 41% of workers think it’s hard to connect to their companies’ culture as a remote worker.
  • 52% of workers have left a job because they felt like they did not belong.

When Meeting, the “Where” Matters

At the world-class Hotel LeVeque there are three dedicated meeting rooms with a combined 2,000 sq. ft. of space. Each room can be configured for a standing reception or tables and chairs can be brought in for meetings or meals. (And keeping your team fed and focused is easy thanks to the onsite catering services.)

An in-person team meeting doesn’t have to involve hundreds of people either. The rooms at the LeVeque can be intimately configured to accommodate 30-40 people. 

One of the things that makes the LeVeque such an ideal location for small-group meetings are the wide range of amenities available including:

  • Business services and equipment at the ready
  • Flex-back chairs and meeting supplies
  • Spaces fueled by natural light
  • On-site accommodations

When you’re ready to explore business meeting venue options, contact the events team at the Hotel LeVeque.