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Must-Do Activities When Visiting Columbus

A stay at the Hotel LeVeque is an experience. Part of that experience is having the opportunity to explore Ohio’s capital city. While Columbus is known as the home of The Ohio State University and the world-class Columbus Zoo, there are a wide range of diverse places to discover.

Let’s take a look at some of the best activities to do in Columbus, Ohio.

Taking Time Between Meetings

Unfortunately, many times a business trip leaves only compressed packets of time for exploring. Luckily, the Short North is seemingly built for that. Whether you have 2-hours or a whole day, you can get a great feel for Columbus by exploring the unique shops, restaurants, art galleries, and other surprises found along this popular stretch of High Street. (Make sure to dress appropriately so you can stay warm as you walk (or scooter!) from place to place up and down the street.)

While there are great restaurants in the Short North, to get a particular look (and taste) of culinary Columbus you need to take yourself to the North Market. Located on the edge of the Short North, the North Market has provided a location for local food vendors since 1876. If there’s ever been a food you “wanted to try,” there’s a good chance you’ll find it here.

When Taking a Little “Me Time”

So you’ve come to the city to “get away?” Why not get lost in the beauty of nature. But without going outside.

The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is one of the fun places to go in Columbus, Ohio. You can see over 400 species of plants as you walk through greenhouse biomes that transport you around the world. The natural beauty you experience is offset by the beauty of art through the well-placed works of master glass artist Dale Chihuly.

If you’re looking to get a little hands on, the Conservatory does offer a number of classes if you’d like to pick up a new skill in say landscape design, orchid growing, or sustainable cooking.

Fun for the Family

One of the most popular and fun indoor activities in Columbus, Ohio is a trip to the Center of Science and Industry (or COSI as everyone around town calls it).

There are areas dedicated to water sciences, space (complete with a planetarium), life sciences, and of course the American Museum of Natural History Dinosaur Gallery. There are live shows and seemingly a hands-on exhibit around every corner. You can even walk down a street from 1898 and then turn the corner and find yourself in a classic American 60’s downtown.

This is an exciting, make that a “super” time to visit COSI too. That’s because they are currently hosting (through May 2022) the special exhibit “Marvel: Universe of Superheroes” which will feature “…more than 300 original artifacts, including some of Marvel’s most iconic costumes, props, and original art, much of which has never before been put on public display.”

A Romantic Getaway

Conversation and connection are the hallmarks of a “perfect” date. When you visit Otherworld, you’ll definitely have lots to talk about and do together.

Remember your first trip to an art museum and before you walked in the door you were told not to touch anything. Yeah, that’s not happening at Otherworld. Otherworld invites you to step inside the art, in fact what you take away from your experience there really depends on the interactions you create.

Otherworld is comprised of 47 different rooms, each with its own unique theme, spread across 32,000 square feet. Each room is a distinct, fully immersive installation and yet together they tell a singular story. You’ll wander through a maze of neon-lit mirrors and surprises in one room while the next holds a giant stuffed creature that you can walk around, over, and through. There are murals that evolve as you walk past them, tactile sculptures, a room that encourages you to seek out “what’s behind that door,” and many more “wow” moments.

Experiences that Evolve

These attractions have been segmented here to help you find things that would best match your time in the city but everything in this list is open to everyone. What’s great about these locations is that they are constantly evolving, searching out new ways to engage with visitors so that each visit is slightly different than the last. You can check with each site, or talk to your concierge, to see if there are specific events happening during your visit.

These are just a sampling of the winter activities in Columbus, Ohio that you can incorporate into your Hotel LeVeque stay. If you have questions about your planned Columbus experience, the hotel accommodations team will be happy to help.