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How to Book a Hotel Block for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding and feeling overwhelmed at the thought of housing all the guests coming from far-flung destinations? No worries, hotel blocks were designed to ease the stress on brides and grooms, so they can enjoy their wedding—rather than worrying about guest logistics. Learn what hotel blocks are, how they work, and what to look for when choosing a hotel.

What Is a Hotel Block?

A hotel block is a reservation of 10+ hotel rooms.  Not only does a hotel block ensure that all your guests have a place to stay, but it’s also a great way to keep costs down for wedding guests. On average, group rates are typically 15-40% lower than standard rates.

What Types of Hotel Blocks Are There?

There are two types of hotel blocks:

  • Courtesy Block – When you opt for an open block, the hotel reserves a small number of rooms (typically 10-20) that must be booked by a certain date. Should some of the rooms remain unfilled, they’re “released” and made available to the general public at regular room rates. The benefit of an open block is that you aren’t held financially liable, should your guests not book all of the available rooms.
  • Guaranteed Block – With a closed block, you provide your hotel with a deposit for a certain number of rooms. Should some of those rooms remain unsold, you’ll be financially responsible for them—sometimes you’ll pay a percentage, other times, you’ll be liable for a fixed amount.

How Do I Decide Where and When to Book a Hotel Block?

Before booking a hotel block, you’ll want to guestimate the number of rooms you’ll need, while considering your budget and the location of the wedding itself. Once you have this information in mind, it’s time to start contacting local hotels to learn what’s available. Keep in mind that hotel rates change frequently, and the rates that a hotel gives for your potential block won’t last forever so make sure to lock in your hotel block as early as possible!

We recommend reserving your hotel block 9-18 months in advance of your wedding. This will give your guests plenty of time to make their reservations within your block.

What Should I Ask a Hotel When Preparing to Book a Hotel Block?

When preparing to book a hotel block, we recommend asking the hotel:

  • What is the rate for my group, including taxes and fees?
  • Do you charge for parking? Do parking fees include in/out privileges?
  • What time is check-in and check-out? Could you guarantee early check-in if needed?
  • Is there a minimum stay requirement?
  • Do you offer an open block? If so, for how many rooms?
  • If we need more rooms, can we add to the block? When would we need to do that by?
  • What amenities will you offer my guests? (shuttles, breakfast, free Wi-Fi, etc.)?
  • Do you have a bar or restaurant onsite?
  • Do you have facilities for hosting pre- or post-wedding events?

If you and your significant other have special or unique requests, make sure to discuss them with your hotel of choice.

Can I Book a Hotel Block or Use Hotel LeVeque as My Wedding Venue?

Yes, absolutely! At Hotel LeVeque, we offer hotel blocks, as well as a wedding venue.

Hotel LeVeque is the perfect place to house out-of-town guests and/or wow them with your beautiful wedding, because our hotel is truly where historic charm meets modern sophistication.

Plus, we’re located in the heart of downtown Columbus, making accommodations incredibly convenient for your guests.

How Can I Learn More About Hotel LeVeque’s Wedding Venue and Hotel Block Options?

To learn more about our wedding venue and hotel block options, contact us for more information. We’ll be happy to help you plan the perfect stay for your guests!