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How to Cope With Wedding Stress

Bride and Groom Outside Hotel LeVeque Wedding Venue

The most popular wedding accessory this year? Stress. And nearly everyone will be wearing it. A Zola survey found that 71% of couples planning a wedding described the process as “extremely” stressful. But it doesn’t have to be.

All of your stresses can be avoided, or at the very least mitigated, with some easy to manage strategies and tips. Let’s look at some things you can do that can help you deal with the stress that invades wedding planning.

Top 5 Wedding Planning Stressors

When it comes to a wedding, everyone will have their own unique issues that can cause stress. But there are some universal stressors that everyone planning a wedding has to face too like:

Managing Expectations
Coordinating Vendors
The Guest List

What’s important to remember is that you can still meet all of your dreams for your special day without letting those stressors take over. Let’s look at some ways you can contain the stress that seemingly starts to build from the moment you said “I Do.”

A Steady Hand

Friends, relatives, soon-to-be-relatives, Instagram, magazines, TikTok – everyone has an opinion on what you should do with your wedding. That information overload can be overwhelming. That’s why one of the best decisions you can make early in the planning process is to have a coordinator. Someone who can take the big ideas and distill them down into practical, tactical actions.

On your own you’re dealing with the person preparing the food, a different person managing the venue, the person at the company where you are renting tables and chairs, the manager of the hotel where your guests are staying, the person in charge of decorations, and the guy who just wants to hang the piñata. And are they all talking to each other? Who knows?

The coordination in all of that is a full-time job and you have so many other things to do. Thankfully many venues, like Hotel LeVeque, have an in-house Event Coordinator who can take all of your big ideas, and the small details, and make them a seamless reality.

A Place to Party

You’re going to hear this question alot. And it makes sense because while people will remember the ceremony, they will never forget the reception. But as you’re weighing places to party, you need to look past the physical space to consider all of the associated aspects.

For example, you could find a great venue but it would require you to get your own caterer and event staging company and entertainment and there might be parking issues and you’re getting stressed just considering it all.

A less stressful option could be a venue that offers many of the services you will need in-house. Not only does it cut your search and coordination stress down, because the groups work together all the time, they know how and when things need to happen. And your execution stress is lowered.

At the Hotel LeVeque you have access to three reception halls that can be used individually for rehearsal dinners, wedding meet & greets, day-after breakfasts and brunches for larger groups, or combined to create a large reception space. All of which can be staged by an in-house team so there’s no need to hire a third party to help set up tables and chairs.

In addition, you’ll have access to a world-class catering team that will prepare for your guests any of their standard menu options or something custom to match your day. (And there are few things that melt away stress like the promise of a good meal!)

A Place to Stay

When it comes to a wedding there are two “L-words” – one brings warm feelings, the other gives people cold sweats. Love. Logistics.

It doesn’t really matter the size of the wedding, the logistics of getting a wedding party and guests from their homes and hotels to the ceremony and then to the celebration and back in weather that can change as the day wears on can be…daunting. That’s why many brides and grooms look for a centralized location that can fulfill multiple roles.

Hotel LeVeque is a perfect example of this. There are a large number of quality rooms and suites and it’s in an ideal location in the heart of Columbus giving people plenty to do pre- and post-wedding.


So much wedding stress stems from what’s not said, what’s not known, and hopes (“I hope they play this song,” “I hope the room is set like this…”). You can eliminate that stress by being open, direct, and clear with what you want.

The flip side of that is working with someone responsive and proactive in their communication. Someone who doesn’t just listen, but who hears you. That’s exactly what the team at the Hotel LeVeque does. With them you’ll never wonder or be left waiting for days for an answer.

When you’re ready to start exploring how the Hotel LeVeque can take some of the stress away from wedding planning, our event planners would love to talk.

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