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How to Spend a Winter Weekend in Columbus

Hotel LeVeque in Columbus, Ohio

The start of a new year holds promise, excitement, and possibility. Nowhere is that more evident than when you check into Hotel LeVeque for a winter weekend getaway. 

Hotel LeVeque is a boutique hotel located inside the historic LeVeque Tower in beautiful downtown Columbus, Ohio. Columbus may be famous for fall afternoons on the campus of The Ohio State University but the city is so much more. In fact, it has a particularly unique winter profile.

And while you explore what winter offerings the city has to offer, the LeVeque will be your center point for rest and relaxation as its spacious rooms and luxury suites will make sleep, something more.

Let’s look at some of the top winter weekend things to do in Columbus, Ohio.

Family Trips in Columbus

There is so much for a family to experience in Columbus. You could spend time shopping at nationally recognized stores or local retail “landmarks” and when you’re hungry you could split up at the North Market where everyone can get their own favorite or take up a table at one of the hundreds of restaurants around. 

As for other activities? There are so many options, these are just a few of our favorites.

A Winter Picnic

Yes, a picnic. In the winter. In an igloo! 

Several area restaurants offer a unique outdoor dining experience in a heated plastic igloo. Get a great look at the night sky while sitting on fur-covered chairs, enjoying a delicious dinner. It’s a memorable winter twist on dining-out.

An Afternoon of Discovery

How about spending an afternoon at America’s #1 science museum (USA Today) – The Center of Science and Industry or COSI. You’ll need to plan your visit carefully as there is so much to do including:

  • A visit to the city of progress (both the 1898 and 1962 versions)
  • Hands-on explorations of oceans, space, and the basics of life
  • Live stage shows
  • Dinosaurs
  • The planetarium
  • Space specifically for the younger set to explore
  • A motion simulator
  • And of course the unicycle you can ride through the air of the atrium

Enjoy Columbus Nature (But Indoors)

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is one of those special places that offers a slightly different experience with every visit. Even if you’ve included it in previous family events in Columbus, you should leave it on the list for your next weekend getaway.

There are new flowers in bloom, family friendly interactive shows, talks by national experts, and an exploratory aspect that make this an engaging addition to the itinerary.

Take in a Carnival

Winter is fun but sometimes it can get the best of you and you need a little summer magic to recharge. And what’s a more magical summer experience than a carnival? Games, entertainment, carnival food, rides, and special appearances by your family’s favorite characters will be part of the Columbus Winter Carnival.

And at the end of the day…

You can finish up your day in The Keep, the LeVeque restaurant which features classic dishes with a modern twist.

Couples Weekend in Columbus

Whether it’s just a weekend away or you’re celebrating a life event, Columbus is built for couples as you’ll find opportunities to satisfy your need for adventure, education, sophistication, and romance. 

These are a few of our favorite getaway destinations.

Get Olympic

You’ve watched curling in the Winter Olympics and thought “I could do that.” Well here’s your chance. Land-Grant Brewing, one of many local brewers in the area, has outdoor beer keg curling lanes. And they come with heated igloos where you can discuss strategy. Or enjoy a pint. 

Experience a Fairytale

From Cinderella to Frozen, a horse-drawn carriage ride has been a centerpiece of our fairy tales. You can have that magical experience for you and your partner. Just a short drive outside of the city, at Ma & Pa’s, you can take a carriage or sleigh ride across the fields and through the woods with hot chocolate, cookies, and a roaring fire waiting for you at the end. They offer romantic night rides too!

Get Your Game On

In the Short North there is so much to do that an afternoon can easily turn into an evening (or even an early morning). The monthly gallery hops are always festive and fun and there is also always something happening in the local shops, tucked away restaurants, and bars (which vary from the peanut-shells-on-the-floor to white-cloth-napkins-under-your-drinks types).

One hot new spot is Pins Mechanical Co. Pinball machines, both ones you remember and the “oh wow look at that” kind and duckpin bowling make for a fun, friendly, and slightly competitive night out.


Columbus is home to all different types of festivals and celebrations.

Or maybe all the time indoors this winter has you thinking about what changes you want to make to your home. If that’s the case, the Columbus Dispatch Home and Garden Show is a fun way to see what the latest trends are. And how you can accomplish them.

End Your Day is Luxurious Comfort

At the end of the day you can return to the LeVeque where inspired sophistication is found in every amenity of our luxurious rooms.

Make Plans at Hotel LeVeque Today

There are so many winter activities to experience in Columbus, Ohio that 

the question isn’t going to be “what is there to do?” but “what will we have to save for the next visit?” If you have questions about winter things to do this weekend in Columbus, the LeVeque accommodations team will be happy to help.