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The Importance of Corporate Events

After a prolonged period of virtual work environments, the business community is trying to decide what a new normal looks like. With that, what should corporate events look like? Should businesses still prioritize these types of events? 

Let’s look at three reasons why corporate events are important to a business and its employees below:

Resetting the Company Direction

It’s been a year-plus of virtual meetings and messaging. And something always gets lost “in the translation,” maybe it’s because of a misunderstanding of the message or the way it was delivered.

A corporate event is a great way to bring your entire organization together to share and discuss the company’s strategy. Corporate events represent an opportunity to recenter your team around your strategy and goals

An in-person event can be an ideal setting to invite questions and encourage discussions. And in a post-virtual world, it’s a great way to re-establish relationships.

Strengthening Company Culture

Recently, we’ve all experienced delays in some sort of business setting – ordering parts, setting up services, even in trying to get a quick bite to eat – and it all stems from the same thing – there is an incredible demand for workers right now across all sectors. Not only do companies have to worry about hiring new workers, they have to worry about holding onto the ones they have.

For their part, employees are considering more than just pay and benefits, they are looking at a company as a whole (who they are, what the culture is, their social positions, and so on) so it’s important that companies maintain a positive, inclusive, forward-reaching culture in order to retain and attract talent. A corporate event helps to convey that message through small group interactions and breakout seminars.

A strong corporate culture can contribute to an employee’s wellbeing which in turn benefits productivity and the outward perception of the company.

“If an organization’s leaders don’t work to create the culture they want, one will develop in the ensuing vacuum—and it might not be a positive one. “

Building Employee Engagement

What exactly is employee engagement? Gallup defines employee engagement as the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in their work and workplace. 

So what does employee engagement have to do with your business? 81% of business leaders surveyed by the Harvard Business Review said that highly engaged employees are more productive and perform better. Gallup also found that high employee engagement yields significantly lower absenteeism, turnover and safety incidents for employees.

Employees are more engaged when they feel a part of the company, when they feel their contributions are valued, their work is appreciated, their opinions are considered. A good corporate event will recognize the leaders of a workforce, provide training and resources to employees to help them further their career goals, and help to foster a feeling of a “unity of purpose” among the entire team.

What is a Corporate Event Now Anyway?

There was a time when a corporate event meant gathering the entire workforce in one location for multiple days of meetings, handshakes, and entertainment. But after the virtual work year, will we go back to the big conference rooms? 

Virtual events have indeed brought out the importance of personalized experiences, which will channel into in-person events as well.”

As in-person corporate events come back, they will undoubtedly incorporate some forms of virtual participation – from video seminars to post-event surveys – but the key to their immediate success might be found in that old real estate adage – Location, Location, Location.

Meeting with Upgraded History

Location. The Hotel LeVeque boasts three unique spaces for corporate events, conferences, training seminars, team building events, and board retreats. There are breakout rooms, a spacious foyer for entertaining and onsite catering options from The Keep Kitchen & Liquor Bar. And if attendees need room accommodations, we can manage that entire process so it’s a seamless experience for them and the event planner.

Location. The corporate meeting spaces at the Hotel LeVeque are a day’s drive from just under 50% of the business headquarters in the nation. They are also just 15 minutes from John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH).

Location. For many, the Hotel LeVeque epitomizes Columbus. Not only does it stand tall along the cities’ skyline, it melds a unique history with innovation to provide a boutique experience with a big-city flair.

Now, more than ever, a corporate event needs to be an experience. It needs to be confident, electric, meaningful. Contact the Events Manager today to discuss your corporate event plans.