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What is a Boutique Hotel?

Have questions about boutique hotels? We’ve got answers! Read on to learn what the characteristics are of a boutique hotel and why for many tourists, they’re the only way to travel.

Boutique Hotels Defined

The term, “boutique hotel,” was first coined in the 80s, as a way of describing hotels that offer more style, design, and personality than you might find at a more typical hotel.

There are certain common characteristics that set boutique hotels apart from standard hotels, such as:

  • Smaller Size – Boutique hotels are usually much smaller than traditional hotels. For example, Hotel LeVeque has just 149 guest rooms and six stunning suites. Because our management team and staff services a smaller number of guests, we’re able to offer a warmer, more personal experience than you might have at a larger hotel.
  • Contemporary Feel – Boutique hotels aren’t stuffy. The design may change from traditional, rustic or even historic, but all boutique hotels have one thing in common: uniqueness. Boutique hotels offer a one-of-a-kind experience with distinctive décor you won’t be able to find anywhere else.
  • Pet-Friendly – Unlike larger hotels, boutique hotels tend to be very pet-friendly. For instance, at Hotel LeVeque, we allow up to two pets per room. So, feel free to bring Fido and Rover with you on your next Columbus get-away – we love your furry friends.
  • Location, Location, Location – Boutique hotels can reside in vast locations, from the country to a mountain, but many are set right in the heart of urban environments. In fact, they’re rather known for being located in stylish, trendy areas with lots of local color. For instance, our luxury hotel is right in the heart of downtown Columbus.

Our amazing location means that many local shops, dining options, and attractions are in walking distance or just a short ride away. And, if you need suggestions on what you should see, do, or eat while you’re visiting, just ask our friendly, knowledgeable concierge.

  • Focus on Excellence: Food & Drink – Boutique hotels usually have an outstanding bar and restaurant that’s frequented by locals, as well as hotel guests. Hotel LeVeque houses The Keep Kitchen & Liquor Bar, a modern brasserie with an art deco cocktail bar.

The bar features old-school cocktails, house-made syrups, and refreshing botanicals, made all the more welcoming when enjoyed in rustic, cozy Roaring Twenties décor. As for the restaurant, you won’t want to miss award-winning chef Jonathan Olson’s mouthwatering classic dishes, updated with modern twists.

Now that you have a better understanding of what boutique hotels have to offer, we encourage you to visit us at Hotel LeVeque in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Find out for yourself why guests rate our luxury hotel 4.8 out of 5 stars by booking your stay today!

How Can I Book My Stay at Hotel LeVeque?

It’s easy to book your stay at Hotel LeVeque. To reserve your room in our beautiful downtown Columbus location, you can access our online booking system here. Alternatively, you can contact our toll-free reservation center by calling 877.688.3696.