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Benefits of Restaurants With Private Dining

At the end of the day you can grab a bite to eat or you can enjoy a private dining experience. This doesn’t mean you have to don a tuxedo or dinner dress as private dining is less about fashion and more about making connections and being in the moment. In this article, we’ll look at all of the benefits of private dining.

Benefits of Private Dining

A meal can be elevated by a restaurant’s ambiance, service, accommodations, opportunities for togetherness, and timing. Of course at the wrong location, these things can make a night memorable for all the wrong reasons. But at a restaurant like The Keep, each of these components of private dining become something special.


When you go out to eat, based on the restaurant you are going to, you sort of know what to expect. And you also know there are things you can’t control. For example, the other diners. They may be loud, demanding, and even invasive of your space. 

One of the great aspects of private dining, especially at restaurants with private dining rooms, is that to a large degree you can set the ambiance. You may be able to adjust the lighting in the room, have a say in the table decor, and control the sounds in the space (do you want music, do you want to capture some of the ambient sounds of the restaurant, etc).


We’ve all been there – needing a clean fork or a fresh glass of Pinot – but having to work for the server’s attention. That’s because generally your table is one of many that the server is responsible for. But in a private dining restaurant, your server is responsible for only your party. This provides you with a special level of attention which can elevate your evening. It lets you focus on your time with the others in the room and not just worry if they’re being taken care of.


When you want to grab a bite to eat, if anyone in your party has specific dietary, access, or sensory needs, that can dictate where you end up going. And that may not always be where you want to go.

One of the extraordinary benefits found in planning a night of private dining is that you can design the occasion around your party. Private dining allows you a particular level of culinary customization that can help everyone feel included with all of their needs met.

Opportunities for Togetherness

Have you ever tried to go out to eat and as soon as you let the staff know how many are in your party they respond: 

  • “We can just push some tables together…” or
  • “It will be like an hour wait for a group that large.” or
  • “How about we put half of you in the back and the rest of your party can sit on the patio.”

When you work with a restaurant, like The Keep at the Hotel LeVeque, to create a private dining experience you won’t have to worry about uneven tables, long waits, or having your party broken up. That’s because you’ll have the space you need waiting for you. It’s an opportunity for you to be the VIP you are.

The Keep offers several entertaining spaces for social events or gatherings:

  • The semi-private soft seating areas in The Keep Liquor Bar hold up to 10 guests for a more casual evening.
  • The completely private Coleman Room can be set up to host formal business meetings or social events for 25-30 guests.
  • The full dining room in The Keep Restaurant can be reserved for larger parties.


You’ve been thinking about an amazing dinner party all afternoon. When you get to the restaurant, you want to get that party started. With a private dining reservation, the experience starts exactly when you want it to.

Private Dinner Menus

In some specialty dining experiences, the host is responsible for gathering everyone’s meal preferences and getting those orders to the venue. That means tracking down guests, managing allergies, and keeping up with order changes as people try and guess what they’ll be hungry for the night of the event. For the host it’s a lot of phone calls, texts, emails, and time.

The Keep takes that work away with their restaurant-style private dining experience. Each event features a curated menu which enables guests to make their meal choices during the evening. They can choose from several seasonal entrees and desserts giving them the freedom to order what they’re hungry for now.

The “Experience” of Private Dining

While the meal is (understandably) the centerpiece of a night of private dining, it’s only one of the components that create the entire experience. That’s why it’s important to work with a restaurant with the right setting, staff, and chefs to make your night of private dining, magical.

The Keep offers amazing private dining opportunities for small and expanded groups. One of the things that makes dining at The Keep stand out is its location. The Keep is situated inside the historic Hotel LeVeque in downtown Columbus, Ohio. This makes it an ideal location for a weekend getaway or if you’re planning a team retreat.

Contact the staff of The Keep today to start planning a night of private dining and lasting memories.